007 AdF Suite

Master Suite 007 is incredibly spacious and airy, with carpeted floors, a separate living room area, private dressing room area, covered terrace and undoubtedly, its most spectacular feature, a stunning barrel bed.

The bed head is an original barrel top and the domed oak ceiling mimics the curvature of the enormous oak barrels used in the vinification process.

Master Suite 007 has approximately 85m² of room area, a beautiful furnished indoor terrace of approximately 30m² and a bathroom area of approximately 25m².

The Wine Partner associated with Master Suite 007 is ADF. ADF wines are produced by the famous Douro wine producer, Nieeport.

The room is decorated with several artifacts and photos pertaining to ADF. Traditional, whitewashed louvered shutters open to give the bathroom a stunning view of the city.

This Master Suite has been individually decorated, with light yellow walls and matching furnishings.

As well as luxurious comfort and comprehensive amenities, Master Suites offer the ultimate in space and luxury. The stylish and individually decorated master suites feature fully furnished living areas, separate from the bedrooms, a unique king size bed, an extended terrace with sofa and dining table as well as a lavish standard of equipment and comfort.


The fully furnished private terrace offers breathtaking views over the River Douro and the historic city centre of Oporto.

The one-bedroom Master Suites feature a minimum of 60 to 90m² of living space and are luxuriously appointed and decorated. Each private terrace offers between 20m² and 35m².

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