Champions Reunited in Madrid with a taste of AdF Very Old Port

On the night of one of the most anticipated matches in champions league, two old friends are reunited once again in search of another win. Jose Mourinho “Special One” of Real Madrid and Sir Alex Furguson “Fergie” of Manchester United will meet at Santiago Bernabeu for the first leg of the Champions League clash between these two historical teams.

In so much anticipation for this reunion a especial present was created by AdF in conjunction with Niepoort – the “AdF Very Old Port”

These two football giants and great friends have received by the hands of Rui AdF a especial edition of this Old Port Wine before the match and we are certain that they will remember that moment forever!

Rui ALVIM de FARIA said: The privilege of sharing with friendship the trajectory of a life that was born in Africa, that breathes the Soul of Douro, which lives in my veins and continues to live in the “Oporto`s diaspora”.

The “Douro”, world heritage, inspired me to create this port wine “AdF Very Old Port”, distinctive in excellence. A special edition that conveys deep and intense love, money and fame in it`s elegance and unique intensity.

By being the First, Unique and Different a fusion was successfully born from these three elements that are the foundation of my life.

Dirk Niepoort, Wine master said: This is a great wine, one of the greatest wines in the world. AdF Very Old Port is the genuine demonstration of what a Tawny represents:
 Intensity, Concentration, Longevity, Passion (Love), Value (Money) and Fame – Fame comes from time and secular dedication.

Discover NIEPOORT world and all its wines, meticulously produced with tremendous dedication. We have been dedicated to producing port for more than 170 years, with the knowledge and experience passing from generation to generation.

The NIEPOORT cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia are a magical space where port ages at the speed of former times, where good traditions remain strong and where the old casks, vats and bottles are individually monitored so that the end result is always a Niepoort Port.

The AdF Very Old Port is another one of those blends that this region offers. We hope you enjoy this Reserve soon and enjoy another Niepoort creation as much as we enjoy doing it.