AdF 2007 DOURO

This reserve comes in a personalized black case with a classic velvet design. Inside you will find a inscription of AdF together with his signature and each bottle will be numbered from the 2007 limited collection.

“Everything I did, do and will in life have three principles: plenty of LOVE, some money and lots of FAME.” – ALVIM de FARIA.

By combining these three words, these three principles a common denominator was born that is the wine AdF (LOVE-money-FAME) 2007 fruit of a fusion of the “orchestra conductor” Dirk Niepoort who composed the best land sound melody in the Douro in sync with the best vineyards.

The wine is made solely by Niepoort from his Quinta de Napoles, in a mixture of new and old oak.

This specially bottling is likely to be one of the country’s most exquisite and rare amongst the table wines and not available in any store.

This wine is quite sexy, soft and sensual with rich, ripe fruit, it is fairly extracted and sweet with a seductive demean or and a rather delicious flavour profile.

By being unique and different this fusion was born of success from these three elements that underlie the foundation of my life.

To enjoy this wine not only feel the excellence of the nobility of the Douro land but also the heat and Love from Africa who gave a taste of exotic and personality to a unique and different wine Taste with plenty of love, some money and lots of Fame, surround yourself with famous people!

Enjoy AdF wine!