Quinta de Nápoles

Quinta de Nápoles was purchased by Niepoort in 1987. The Quinta includes nearly 30 ha of vineyard. The vines are at an altitude of 80-250m and the age varies between 26 and more than 80 years.

Located at the left margin of the Têdo river, this is were Niepoort makes their red, white and rosé wines.

The viticulture year of 2006/2007 was marked by the rain occurred not only in winter months but also by the unusual 60mm rainfall that occurred in June along with the relatively mild temperatures in the months of summer and the cool nights throughout the month of September.

These factors contributed to almost perfect ripening conditions, giving origin to a very balanced wines with excellent quality tannins in support of a great structure and acidity levels that contribute to the quality of wine aging in bottle.

The low productivity and the optimal conditions for wine production in the new winery “Quinta de Nápoles” without the high temperature reaching the musts added elegance and flavour profile to a great year in the Douro! The ADF Reserve 2007 Douro is another one of those blends that this region offers.

I hope you enjoy this Reserve and enjoy another Niepoort creation as much as we enjoy doing it.