AdF Wines

Welcome to AdF wines, another venture by Rui ALVIM de FARIA founder and President of AdF PR International in partnership with Dirk Niepoort from Niepoort Wines.

The president and founder of AdF PR International ALVIM de FARIA in partnership with Dirk Niepoort has just launched a special Douro Red Wine called “AdF 2007 Douro” which concentrates the best wine blending from Niepoort wine-yard Quinta de Napoles into a especial selection available to all the best palates.

ALVIM de FARIA said that “AdF 2007 Douro blends the strong character of the Douro Valley with the great wisdom and subtleness of a fine wine aged in big old casks.This special edition evades us into a palate of exotic flavours combining the wildness of the Douro River and the warmth of Africa.”

The Douro is a special zone where it combines several energies at which the French call that “Terroir” which means a constellation of several details of soil and grape varieties and the Douro is no doubt where these synergies are merging. We have much to learn from the wisdom of the Douro and its temporal balance and improve those synergies, which gave its name to the famous Port and make great table wines. Is in our hands to improve and create fantastic Niepoort wines where balance is crucial in an area so rough, hard, heavy and rich.The AdF Reserve 2007 Douro is another one of those blends that this region offers.

On this partnership Dirk Niepoort said “Harmony, passion and longevity in life as in wines I increasingly seek passionately the harmony and balance together with longevity.AdF is a powerful Douro wine that shows the passion for detail with a harmony based on big tannins typical of Douro Region with the character of a great “vinde garde”; The small details make the big differences.

Niepoort has been an independent family business since 1842. Dirk Niepoort is the fifth generation and his passion for wines has defined the team spirit over the last two decades.

By being unique and different this fusion was born of success from these thre elements that underlie the foundation of my life, to enjoy this wine not only feel the excellence of the nobility of the Douroland but also the heat and Love from Africa who gave a taste of exotic andpersonality to a unique and different wine Taste with plenty of Love, some money and lots of Fame, surround yourself with famous people!